Thursday, August 23, 2007

Unraveling Sarangani's Untold Genetic Treasures

In the upland villages of Kihan in Malapatan lies a untold treasure trove of cultural wealth - over a hundred varieties of rice constituting a premium rice germplasm whose rarity and diversity blend with unique customs and traditions of its people.

Every grain of rice that falls on the ground with each ahak resonates with voices of farmers in mirthful celebration of lamgi, where the men and women chant to cheer the weary souls and set on fire the ambers of a bountiful harvest.

In July each year, the steep slopes of Kihan are all abloom with verdant ricefields, creating a mosaic of beauty and wonder from afar amidst a carpet of lush blades and shrubs. The grains that ripen into golden rown or little rubbies beckon yet another merriment to celebrate teh beauty of culture...and to celebrate life.

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