Friday, August 24, 2007

Mlikat Lagfisan: A Rice Soldier

Mlikat lagfisan (glutinous rice) is planted around the bot tne to guard the ricefield. Lagfisan is also magical rice that endows strength and intellect to those who feast on its highly nutritious taste.other crops such as abok or bila (edible tubers), kalmati (tomatoes), blatong (beans), squash, etc. are planted along sied of elnigo.
Oftentimes, weeds that grow in the elnigo are edible such as kawat (wild spinach) and saluyot. Rotting logs grow edible fungi such as mouse moss and mushrooms. When elnigo is already cleared of palay, the area is planted with various crops such as kasila (sweet potatoes), bananas, papaya and beans.

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