Monday, August 17, 2015

Kanfulung Bai:The Masterworks of Yabing Dulo

Design & Photo credit: Leonardo Rey S. Cariño

Photo credit: Kim Windell Villafranca Tiblani
Yabing Masalon Dulo is an active Blaan weaver who is a master of the Mabal Tabih technique. Her works are prized by textile collectors and has been featured in the 2004 WOW Mindanao Tourism Expo in Davao and in the Second ASEAN Traditional Textiles Symposium on 1-3 February 2009 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. She is the first cultural master for the School of Living Tradition (SLT) in Lamlifew  Tribal Village and is starting her own SLT in Amgu-o, Landan, Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines.

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