Monday, August 17, 2015

Kalyak Blaan Exhibit during the CIOFF 2015

 "One of Fu Yabing Dulo works the only known Tabih Master of South Cotabato displayed at Hibla Exhibit of The National Museum of the Filipino People. See her works of Tabih a Blaan Abaca Ikat at Kalyak Blaan: An Exhibit of the Unique Blaan Cultural Materials @ FB Hotel & Convention Center Lobby, Alunan Ave., City of Koronadal.
Exhibit runs until Aug. 18, 2015 in celebration of Pyesta Kolon Datal & Koronadal International Folklore Festival ‪#‎CIOFF2015‬." - Jm Lavega, South Cotabato cultural advocate and Kalyak Blaan exhibition curator.

Photo credit: Rap Buendia

Blaan Tabih Collections of JM Lavega and Leonardo Rey S. Cariño featured in this exhibit. The two left Tabih Fule (red Tabih) were works of Fu Yabing Masalon Dulo from Amgu-o, Landan, Polomolok, South Cotabato.

Original weaver on the loom photo taken by Kim Tiblani           Photo credit: Rap Buendia

Kmagi  Photo credit: Rap Buendia

Sabitan Tlayong (brass belt), Singkil/Babat (Anklets)    Photo credit: Rap Buendia

Swat (traditional comb and head dress)  Photo credit: Rap Buendia
Traditional designs of  Blaan blouses  Photo credit: Rap Buendia

Saul Ansif (embroidered upper garment) and Salwal Tabih (with beaded embroidery)  Photo credit: Rap Buendia 

The Kalyak Blaan curator, JM Lavega, at the National Museum with one of the works of Fu Yabing displayed
This is the first Blaan culture specific exhibition in the history of South Cotabato. It is aimed to bring awareness to some rare and unique cultural identifiers of the Blaan Indigenous Peoples group and the very few cultural masters alive doing some specific skills transfer to the younger generations.

Photos were also featured at the I Love South Cotabato FB Page.

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