Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tribal chief shows indigenous weaving

GLAN, Sarangani (January 21, 2013) - Carlos Blatang Sr., tribal chieftain of Datal Bukay, demonstrates the process of making  “kalakat” to the participants of the Indigenous Learning Survival Camp on January 17-19 at Tangan Integrated School. ”Kalakat” is made up of sliced fresh bamboo woven together that is useful in many ways like ceiling and walling in a traditional house of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs). Nowadays, it is used not only by the IPs. At Datal Bukay, ”kalakat” is one of the prime products making it the community’s source of income. The Quality Education for Sarangani Today (QUEST) conducted the training participated in by representative-teachers coming from the seven municipalities of the province. For more news and updates, please visit the > Province of Sarangani

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