Monday, September 17, 2007

PASUNDAYAG 2007:National Arts Month Celebration

In celebration of the National Arts Month, with its theme
“Ani ng Sining, Yaman ng Lahi”


National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)
Sarangani Indigenous People Professionals Association (SIPPA), Incorporated
Provincial Governor’s Office-Indigenous Peoples Development Program (PGO-IPDP)


Sarangani is multi-cultural province. It comprises of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) known as lumads, the Moro and the settlers. Like the rest of Mindanao, the province is also a melting pot of the different cultures of the ethno-linguistic groups due to rise of materialism and influence of western culture through media and other forms. Information and Education Campaign (IEC) is deemed necessary to increase the level of awareness of Sarangans and there is a need to provide them proper venue where they could showcase their exemplified talents and skills to revive their cultural heritage and treasures as well.

The Indigenous Peoples Development Program (IPDP) of the Office of the Governor through the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Sarangani Indigenous People Professionals Association (SIPPA) and the Local Government of Units in Sarangani, held a showcase of cultural performances known as the Pasundayag 2007, in line with the National Arts Month celebration with its theme “Ani ng Sining, Yaman ng Lahi”. This significant event was one of the strategic campaigns in preserving, protecting as well as promoting the different cultures and traditions of the ethno-linguistic groups found herein through cultural performances. This serves also as development process of the Sarangani local artists to participate in whatever cultural expositions and performances whereby cultural heritage would be showcased, protected and promoted respectively; and a venue of raising consciousness and improving self-esteem that prompt Sarangans to move forward with rich cultural heritage being preserved.

Furthermore, the event was participated in by the seven municipalities of the province and to put in place the creation of the Artists Guilds of Sarangani (AGOS) through the Sining Sarangani project.


1. To preserve, protect and promote the Filipino culture through cultural showcase of performances;
2. To increase awareness of Sarangans and their appreciation of their respective cultures and traditions;
3. To provide venue for showcasing the Sarangans talents and skills and
4. To empower cultural groups for active participation and involvement in any activities that will support cultural development.

Photodocumentation for the National Arts Month celebration provided by Celito Terando of the Indigenous Peoples Development Program-Provincial Governor's Office,Sarangani Province.

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