Monday, September 24, 2007

Maitum Jars

This artifact is a property of the Municipal Government of Maitum. It was the center of attraction for the 2005 Cultural Exhibit in celebration of the MunaTo Festival in Sarangani Province.Related articles are presented below for more details/information.

“Maitum Jars” to be declared as National Cultural HeritageProvincial Information Office, 27 November 2002

ALABEL, Sarangani -- Dr. Eusebio Dizon of the National Museum said that some of the now famous “Maitum Jars,” the anthropomorphic secondary burial jars displayed at the Museum, are soon to be declared as “National Cultural Heritage.” This means, according to him during the “Symposium on Maitum Archaeological Finds” held Tuesday (Nov. 26) that these artifacts could neither be sold nor taken out of the country. He did not, however, elaborate when would the declaration take place.

Discovered in 1991 at Pinol Cave, Maitum, this province, the anthropomorphic potteries of human figures depicting various facial expressions are associated to the Metal Age in the Philippines.

Dizon, Curator 1 of the Archaeology Division and Head of the Underwater Archaeology Section of the National Museum, described Pinol Cave as “the most significant cave in Mindanao” and its finds as “unparalleled in Southeast Asia.”

Recently, potsherds from various ages likely 3000 years old had been recovered at Linao Cave, Barangay Kiambing, also in Maitum. His team is presently conducting further study on the collected shards to determine their precise carbon dates.

Dizon said both finds could provide significant information and material evidences to trace not only the Philippine prehistory but also of Southeast Asia. (PIO-Sarangani)

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