Monday, June 18, 2007

Malong Weaver

MALAPATAN, Sarangani (June 18, 2007) - Sarmia Ameril, 23, of Tuyan, Malapatan weaves a traditional Maguindanaon garment -- the "Malong". Maguindanaons in Malapatan have long produced colorful "Malongs" for their everyday use. One garment takes a day to weave and costs P600 if sold. Malapatan is celebrating its 38 th Foundation Anniversary and "Pakaradyan" Festival which started on June 15 and will end on June 21. (Photo by SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE/CAS)

The municipality of Malapatan is also a home to cebuano migrants and the Blaan tribe. This cultural heritage of Malong weaving is very significant to the Muslim, thus, needs to be preserved by and for the future generations.

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