Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blaan traditional house

MALUNGON, SARANGANI PROVINCE (June 20, 2007)- Ms. Helen Lombos, chairperson of the Lamlifew Tribal Women’s Association (LTWA) applies finishing stitch patterns to a traditional B’laan dress while her baby is peacefully asleep in a B’laan hammock in Lamlifew, Malungon. Lombos is sitting on the window cover of a traditional B’laan house. The oversized and protruding window cover, a unique fixture in traditional B’laan houses in Sarangani also serves as a deck for B’laans to do their chores. Made of bamboo, wood and indigenous materials from the area, the B’laan traditional house constructed by the LTWA will soon showcase B’laan handicrafts and beadworks. Lamlifew is a tourist destination in Sarangani where one could experience the B’laan culture and witness their everyday life. (PHOTO BY SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE/CAS)

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