Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fabli Gu Ni in Manila

MANILA (November 21, 2007) – A B'laan lady oversees Fabli Gu Ni ("I am selling this" in vernacular) trade bazaar in Manila Sunday, November 18. Fabli Gu Ni in Manila showcased products indigenous to Sarangani made by B'laan, T'boli and Tagakaulo artists. The trade fair also sold Sarangani products like bagoong, alamang, rice and corn coffee, banana chips and the like. (Photo by SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE/MLS)


Waytaha said...

FieuFlafos Arjho
So glad to stumble on your blog and see South Cotabato/Sarangani presented so well to the world.

Arjho said...

Hello Waytaha!
Bong salamat!Credits also goes to Sarangani Provincial Government and its Indigenous Peoples Development Program and the Provincial Information Office.

Bong kamdom!