Monday, May 7, 2007

Tboli Tribe of Sarangani Province

The Tboli tribe also inhabit both upland and coastal areas. Tboli population is largely concentrated on the western side of the Sarangani Bay which bisects the whole province into an eastern and western part. The municipalities of Maasim, Kiamba and Maitum are home to large Tboli settlements. Tbolis are also found in the province of South Cotabato especially in Lake Sebu and Tboli towns. The traditional upland agriculture today is still widely practiced and this is enhanced by the indigenous crafts of weaving and brassmaking. The Tbolis are known for the manufacture of T'nalak cloth using an indigenous process known all over Southeast Asia. Their brasswares such as bells, bracelets, armlets, leglets, necklaces, etc. are prized among other indigenous groups. The Tbolis have some of the best preserved oral literature such as the Tudbulol epic which is sung by traditional singers during thier festivals (IPDP 2005 brochure).

Non-government organizations doing volunteer work among the Tboli tribe of Sarangani are the Datu Wali Mission and the Salvation Army. More information and pictures about the Sarangani Tboli tribe in and

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